Day 1, What a day!

‘The competition is not won on the first day’ That’s what we were reminded of during the first drivers meeting. But after finishing the day in 3rd place out of 68 cars we’re in high spirits as we make the 4 hour trek to Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

The days events included a candid drivers meeting where Brock Yates, the event creator, empathized the importance of not attracting undue attention with some stories of one lapper’s run-ins with local authorities (all which ended well, of course).

The paddock, as the day went on, became filled with some pretty impressive and interesting machinery. Our twincharged civic got a fair bit of attention, being one of four Honda Civics that made up the entire economy class, but certainly the most heavily modified.

During the wet skid pad competition, a new record was set by last years winners in a Nissan GTR with an average lateral acceleration of 0.96g. Being grouped with the rest of the economy cars, we found ourselves one of last cars out on the skid pad. We were able to put in a 0.88g good enough for 3rd place  overall out of 68  cars. The only two faster were both Nissan GTR’s.

Day 1 results can be found here http://www.onelapofamerica.com/history/2010/results/showResults.shtml?y=2010&res=EV01


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