Day 2 complete

Well, we’re done day two at road America. Morning session on the big track was delayed by a Cadillac cts-v that overcooked the “canada” corner and rolled into and I’ve the tire wall! Luckily the driver walked away without any injury, although he’s quite upset about a DNF today!
The enmo civic had it’s share of trouble, but not so serious. Once on the track, under-hood temperatures rose much faster than expected and caused premature depletion of our iced intercooler reservoir. In addition, the ecu was misinterpreting some fluctuation in the wideband air-fuel sensor and engaging the lean protection fuel cut. That said, the run was not so fast. We placed 44th overall out of 68 competitors.
For the afternoon run on the short track, we removed the front passenger headlight to allow cool air into the engine bay near the turbo compressor inlet. This, combined with the shorter straightaways allowed us to run faster in the afternoon. Results are not yet available, but will passed 2 cars in the 3 lap session, so spirits are up!
Currently we are back on the road and headed to Keene Cycles and Kustoms. The owner Ty Timperly has offered us the use of his shop just outside of Milwaukee. We plan to vent the hood to further reduce temperatures, and we may install a larger intercooler reservoir. Then it’s off to Pacific Junction Iowa for Mid America Motorplex. At 540 miles, this is one of the longest transit stages of the race. It’s goin to be yet another late night… But at least we still driving. Unlike this competitor.


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