drags tonight

Can’t seem to upload pics at the moment while we’re on the road but will get those up as soon as we get to the hotel. It’s going to be a late night since we just finished at the drags around 8pm. Why so late? Well Jon was able to get in to the quarter finals of the bracket races, the top 8 out of 68 cars! There was a bit of trouble launching the car off the line, just because the track surface was sprayed down the entire length with some grippy stuff (sorry, don’t know the right terms for this drag stuff). The event was split in two so that first we ran for fastest |ET, then bracket eliminations with break out times that we specified. It was a one run chance for ET and I happened to bog the motor pretty bad on launch, netting us a 13.7s 1/4 and 111mph trap speed. Jon took over for the bracket eliminations and just focused on reaction times with a dial in of 14.0s. Jon’s consistency paid off as he was able to run three 14.2 in a row. In the quarter finals, Jon was paired up with pro driver Jason Saini in the crazy Mazda 5 minivan/SUV, both with identical dial in times and the last pairing of the quarter finals. But, it wasn’t meant to be as Jon red lighted by only 0.05s.


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