Econo car breaks into top 10

Gateway events complete. We’re already on our way to mid Ohio. One of the benefits of being a front runner is to be gridded early, so we finish early as well. We’re shooting for an arrival before midnight so we can have some much needed rest.
Speaking of grid order, we were in the 2nd group of 4 today. In my group was a 450hp BMW 325, a Porsche gt3 rs, and a porshe turbo. The morning session was difficult for me, the track was slower than expected in the slow corners and faster in the fast corners. Luckily I didn’t run out of gear on the front straight. I ended up placing 12th overall for the am session.
The afternoon looked better, I had an image in my mind of where to improve and was much more focused than in the morning when we arrived. Unfortunately while resetting the ecu in the morning, Will inadvertadly engaged the over-sensitive lean protection! When I launched off the line, the engine cut out and bogged hard. While I struggled to get off the line, precious seconds passed. I eyed air/fuel readout on the display and saw 18-20 when the engine was cutting, so i realized what was going on unfortunately i could do nothing about it Finally I got going, but still had some engine cut to deal with. I cleared my thoughts and focused on making back as much time as possible. I was able to toss the car through the esses and get some 4 wheel sliding going. I tried to go flat out through the 2 banked oval corners leading on to the front straight, but the began pushing at the apex and I had to reduce throttle to keep the car from sliding into the wall. It is quite the feeling to go so fast around a corner! Even with the engine cutting andthe horrible launch, I managed an 8th place overall in the afternoon, edging out the Porsche gt3 rs and putting our econo car class civic into 10th place overall in the cumulative results! Hooray 🙂


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