Mid Ohio

The unexpected surprises continue today.  This morning Will’s phone died, and after 2 nights with no sleep, we slept through my iphone alarm.  When we did wake up at 9:30, we leaped out of bed and rushed to the track.  Luckily, we didn’t miss the AM session and was able to go out in a later run group.  The weather is sunny and warm, and the track was fast.  Will was able to post up a 17th overall time in the morning.

As we checked over the car, we found that blow by is pushing a lot of oil out of the valve cover and into our catch cans.  We decided to redo our catch can setup, now the oil mixture vents to the windshield washer tank.  When the car comes in after a session, we just run the pump to empty the tank back into the engine.  This should reduce the amount of oil spray that is coming from the front left corner of the engine bay.

In other news, the latest mechanical failure on the car is the glovebox tabs.  Now when the glovebox latch is open, the entire box comes off.  I can’t believe the trouble that we’re having.  Luckily we’re more than half way done, only 3 more days left.

Right now we’re waiting in the Whitey’s Honda service department waiting room as we’re having new fuel tank straps installed on the car.  Its quite odd for us not to work  on the car ourselves, but since losing our jack, it would have been quite difficult for us to perform the repair ourselves.  To be honest, we are really enjoying this downtime, the event has really worn us down.

Shortly we’ll be leaving for New Jersey motorsports park, where I’ll get to drive the familiar lightning course.  Here’s hoping for a quick 425 miles tonight.


1 Response to “Mid Ohio”

  1. May 6, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Yeah, that glove box breaking is the last straw! I’m quitting. Jon, you drive the car home.

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