Twincharge rising

Determined to make a good morning run at mid Ohio was not meant to be as we woke up late and were not able to set foot on the track prior to the timed session. It seems we have made things hard for ourselves once again. I was able to crack a 17th overall place and lead the econo class despite the lack of track knowledge. Looking at the results and talking to the competitors revealed that this track is familiar territory for many one lappers.
With continuous improvement our afternoon session rocked the field with another 7th place overall. It was an enormous 23s improvement over the mornings 3 lap cumulative time. In doing so I was able to catch and pass the 911 gt3 rs that was sent out on track nearly 10s before me. Preoccupied with the passing manouver on the last turn of the final lap, I actually missed the checkered flag and flew into turn one of the cool down lap at full speed. Woops.
Well that just shows us how much a good track walk is worth in time and we won’t be showing up late again!
While most of the overall order has remained the same the enmo civic has moved up one more place to land in 9th place in overall standings. Jon and I are beside ourselves with excitement because the last two tracks left on the calendar we have both driven before. We’re going to make full use of this advantage. Our crosshairs are set on an Ultima GTR sitting in 8th place with 60 points on us.

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