Enmo Civic smashes Redline Time Attack record at Autobahn

First, I want to give a huge thanks to the guys at Professional Awesome and Import2race.com for the help and support after the unfortunate little 3 car pileup during the first street tire class TA session.

Despite some rain over the weekend delaying and limiting lapping time for us, I thought the weekend was really well run. I’m not one that goes out every session anyways but it would have been nice to get my testing done earlier on Saturday so I could go home, or rather check out downtown Chicago. Thanks to AST Suspension for supplying a new set of coilovers to try out. We also had a pair of ‘kooks to mount up front which proved to benefit the balance of the car greatly over the old Dunlops that we had already used to complete the 3500mi One Lap of America (still 60% tread left!).

Saturday practice only allowed us to run a 1:42. A bit dissappointing but datalogs showed I’d be able to run around a 1:40 or so. That was without any intercooling (about 15% power loss) since it gets to be a hassle and expensive buying ice for the air-liquid IC when I am just learning the track.

On Sunday, morning practice provided some clear laps and immediately I was able to pull off a 1:37, 2 seconds faster than the existing record set by the undefeated SFWD Champion, Doug Wind in his Dodge SRT4 last year. Knowing that, I decided to park it until the afternoon.

Now if you haven’t heard yet, there was quite a bit of carnage in the first TA session, involving contact between 3 cars. With the first street tire class TA session, I was gridded up 4th out of the 6 fastest street class cars behind the COBB Sti, Professional Awesome Evo, and the Fortune Auto Evo. Behind me were the black Evo of Justin Mathews and GT Motoring S2000 of Greg Haye. First lap, a 1:35.9, more than 3 seconds faster than the old record and not far off from the previous street AWD record! Second lap was a few tenths off, but the car felt good and I figured I’d run the car hard for the third to see how the tires hold up with more heat and also curious if the ice I had on board would last incase I needed to make some adjustments for TA#2.

The start of the final lap, I saw the Professional Awesome Evo parked between turns 3 and 4, a suspected front suspension issue. By turn 8, the debris flag was out and yellow waving due to Cam’s Sti having caught on fire. Taking a more cautious speed into the corner, I didn’t find the track surface to be any different. I don’t doubt that this flag had preconditioned my mind for what came up next. At the final corner, the debris flag was out again with a waving yellow, GT Motoring S2000 sitting at the outside of the track. I apply the brakes early but as I turn in, I realize how slick the track really was and am sent spinning off mid-corner, narrowly missing Greg by maybe 4 feet or so and coming to a stop about 15 feet past him with my rear view mirrors facing down the straightaway. I stalled out and tried desperately to get the motor started again without luck. In my rear view, I see the black Evo approaching fast, too fast. As I turn my head away from the mirror and press it against the headrest to prepare for an impact, I start to hear screeching tires even though I am cursing as loud as I can inside my helmet. Like playing bumper cars, the Evo was already sideways when its front clipped the front tire of the S2000, breaking a tie rod, before the rear of his car slammed into the rear of my civic. From the pictures it looked like my car slid another 20 or so feet as a result.

It’s unfortunate but thankfully none of us were hurt. Greg would have been in the worst location since his drivers door was facing down the straight, lucky. I hope Greg and Justin both get the cars together for their next event.

I was able to check the alignment and wheelbase on the civic after pulling some metal and it was all true. Looks like everything should be able to get pulled out for the most part.

While the contact was unfortunate, we were able to set a new street FWD record by 3.3 seconds and only a couple tenths off of 3rd place AWD! Throughout most of the day, the Enmo twincharged civic was a crowd favourite. Not only for the anticipation of breaking lap time records, but also being so competitive with much more heavily modified AWD machinery in the street tire classes. Our civic also beat out all of the Modified FWD and RWD cars and would prove to be the second fastest FWD car, only a second behind a Super Modified class Honda CRX.

An official Recap of the weekend can be found on Redline Time Attack website


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