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Bias adjustable, dual master cylinder brake setup

We just got this system installed on a unique application. It’s a RWD, S2000 powered Honda CRX that our friend Aaron Weir is building up.

The adjustable bias will allow for the fine tuning needed to accommodate the new weight distribution of the S2000 driveline. Replacing the brake booster with appropriately sized master cylinders also makes for a rock-hard, and confidence inspiring pedal feel.

This is the same setup we built prototypes for our twincharged Civic and also a ’06 Civic Si.


Car repairs coming along nicely

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Here are a few pics of the progress. The guys at Assured Toryork Collision have done a great job and a huge favor repairing the damage and ensuring the frame is straight.

You can find Assured Toryork at 170 Toryork Dr. , Toronto ON.

Final completed pics to come soon!


update on repairs

After having a couple of recommended bodyshops asses the damage, it looks like the chassis may be tweaked a fair bit more than originally thought. We’re seriously looking in to a new shell. The problem is with a new shell that the amount of time to prep it and transfer the powertrain, suspension and build a new cage, could add alot of down time mid-season. We would be looking at getting back on the track around the end of August if we can get a shell quickly enough.


Twincharge up and running!

Preparations for One Lap of America are underway. Engine on the dyno yesterday for some initial tuning. Check out the glowing hot manifold!