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cscs final event coverage

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The Canadian Sport Compact Series, known as CSCS, is growing in popularity
since its inception in 2003. The event combines the most popular aspects of
sport compact culture, offering time attack, drag racing, drifting, car show,
models and music. Enmo entered both Civic and S2000 in the time attack event.
The rules are simple and mirror the US Redline Time Attack ruleset. There are
three main classes: street, super street, and unlimited; and each is further split
between drivetrains. The enmo S2000 falls under street RWD, and the enmo
Civic enters in super street FWD – at least that what we thought. As we rolled
through tech inspection, we were forced into unlimited FWD based on the engine
modifications, even though we would compete on street tires.
The morning practice sessions
were a struggle as the track was
very cold, and previous days rain
had washed away any rubber laid
down. Jonathan Weir struggled to
get the S2000 to hook up on the green track, and looked like he should have
entered in the drift competition instead. Will also worked against the odds with
a lack of grip from his street tires in unlimited class. But the sun briefly broke
through the clouds and as the track warmed up, grip could be found, and times
began to fall.
After practice was over, the overall times showed the Civic near the top and the S2000 not far
behind. A full 75 competitors were registered, so the competition would take a long time. Grid order was based on overall lap
time, the slowest first, and the fastest last. Jon was in run group 11, amongst four other super street competitors. Will was
group 15, the 2nd fastest group. Having such a late start after a long break meant that tires were dead cold, and would take
time to heat up in competition. Only one warmup lap is given, followed by three timed laps, but the tires would need more
than the one lap to heat up. When the S2000 went out, it was obvious from the sliding that the tires were cold. The S2000’s
back end was stepping out in every corner, and unsuccessfully getting power down to the pavement. The first and second
timed laps were not on pace, but finally on the third lap, the tires stuck. Will
pushed the Civic hard to heat the tires, and managed to get up to speed quicker
even though the car was unusually
loose. On the third lap the rear end
let go in turn one, the fastest on
the track. The Civic spun once, and
slid off the track. With another car
coming around behind, Will got the
car restarted and managed to finish
the lap without holding up the
With the Civic scored in unlimited
FWD, Will placed 3rd, a mere 3
tenths behind the winner. Jon captured 1st in street RWD with the S2000, ahead
of a more powerful BMW 135i. Two podiums for enmo at their final event of the
season. Enmo wishes to thank all their sponsors for the support provided in the
2010 season, and as we begin preparing for 2011, we hope that everyone can
remain a part of this successful team.


Race report – Solosprint final event

The final rounds of the Ontario Solosprint Time Trial series were held at Shannonville on September 11th and 12th. The track was available on Friday night for practice of the fast Fabi course, and the Civic was there to shake down an alternate intercooling setup. After inconsistent IATs at Mosport, it was found that the ice water circuit was being compromised by excessive slosh in the reservoir. This was allowing too much air into the pump and reducing the flow rate. So out came the icebox, and in went a stock Honda rad and fan mounted where the back seats used to be. We were able to fill and seal the system and consistently feed our intercooler with ambient temperature water. This ensured we’d have no detonation on our timed runs, which were especially hard on the full track, where laps would take nearly 2 minutes! Unfortunately the system wasn’t filled and primed on Friday night, and near the end of practice, the steam from the hot intercooler ruptured a water line. A quick run to the store, and a late repair by flashlight got us back in shape for competition.

Saturday weather was warm and sunny, and Will started the day off with a quick pace on Z214s. Jon was up next and was ready to answer back, but at turn 3 of the first hot lap the car couldn’t stop and slid off the track. Turned out that in our rush to check oil and get the car out for the 2nd driver, the safety wire on the dipstick was not fastened. During the first full throttle acceleration, the dipstick popped out and engine oil sprayed the front left corner. With a tire sprayed with oil, there was no traction to brake the car, and that ended the run. Additionally, feedback from both drivers indicated that the tires were not gripping so well, and they were becoming difficult to modulate. Realizing they were finished from too many heat cycles, the street tires went back on and Jon completed a clean session. The Hankook RS-3s were quick, but not enough to best Will’s time on Z214s.

After lunch, an inspection of the car found that the collector of the exhaust manifold had developed a crack almost all the way around the tube! This problem was going to take a bit more time, and with both drivers on the scoreboard, the civic was retired for the day. Off came the manifold and the search begun. Luckily a skilled TIG welder was found nearby, and the manifold was repaired good as new. The manifold was back on the car even before the BBQ dinner hosted by the HADA club!

Sunday was wet, and stayed that way for most of the day. The Civic struggled to put all 300 hp down, but found the chassis balanced enough to slide gracefully on the slick track. The rain slowed and times started to drop, until a Subaru oiled the track and stopped competition. Marshalls and organizers wielded every broom on the property and swept bags upon bags of speedy dry on the track, until the conditions were declared safe. At about the same time, the rain stopped, and it was a mad scramble for everyone to get a dry time in. Jon had the first chance on a semi-dry surface, which provided lots of grip for the RS-3 tires. But then Will went out after on a dry and arguably warmer track, and claimed FTD for the day, beating all other competitors! Although not our first, it was rewarding to place the civic at the top even on street tires.

And that concludes the Ontario Solosprint time trial championship. Enmo claimed 1st place in IMPROVED class and 3rd overall, behind 2 previous Solosprint champions. But even more impressive, it set 2 FTDs out of 8 events, and consistently was in the top 5 fastest cars of the event. Enmo showed that ‘less’ can be ‘more’, by outperforming cars with double the cylinders, one camshaft, and only 2 drive wheels!


Time attack at cscs

We re at Toronto motorsports park for what may be our final event of the year for the twincharge civic.  Big crowd present as the organizers of CSCS have combined theshowcar and drag racing crowds with the time attack competition.

We are just getting gridded up for the time attack. 2nd run group and currently the 2nd fastest fwd car. But we’re only on street tires today.


twincharged civic running on AST suspension

We’re proud to be using AST Suspension coilovers on our Civic. For a car that sees street duty while also requiring maximum performance on the track, our 4100 series coilovers meet those requirements. Since installing this suspension setup, we’ve shattered records at Redline Time Attack in Chicago, and in the Canadian Solosprint Championship Series. Racing a high-power FWD layout presents unique handling challenges and AST’s racing heritage has helped in finding the right balance between stability, responsiveness and maximum grip levels.

AST Suspension


Successful conclusion to Solosprint season

It was a mix of sun and rain during the final event weekend at Shannonville Motorsports Park. Here are some pics to give you an idea. A full event report to be posted shortly. Event Gallery


solosprint weekend at Shannonville Motorsports Park

We’ve come down to the final event of the 2010 Solosprint series. Events 7 and 8 will be held at Shannonville Motorsports Park, just east of Belleville, Ontario on September 11th and 12th. The host club, HADA, will also be holding an evening of lapping on Friday. We’ll be there with the twincharged Civic as well as the S2000 for all three days. Come check us out!


autocross this coming weekend. back to my roots

For the most part, it all started with autocross for Jon and I back in 2000 when I bought my first car out of high school. And well it happens to be the same black Civic that I own 10 years later.

We’ll be hitting up a local autocross that the HADA club is putting on at the Powerade Centre in Brampton, ON.

Join us!

Also here are some old school pics from when I was competing in SCCA autocrosses, San Diego Region Street Modified class–>

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